Spring Total Body Reset Bootcamp

Join us for our 30 day Reset Bootcamp which includes:


The 30-day TOTAL BODY RESET meal plan is provided, closely monitored and fully supported.  This lower carb – higher protein – non-processed – rawer style of eating will help to optimize your health, minimize your risk of chronic disease, reduce cravings, burn fat and lose weight.   Our Clean Eating Reset meal plans encourage a lifestyle change and an overall wellness upgrade!

Each week a nutrition support meeting is held for the first 15 minutes of the Wednesday workout so you can share ideas with the team and get feedback from the mentors.

Workouts are conducted twice weekly and can be supplemented with your regular classes at ONE.  Over the course of your program you will experience increasingly challenging workouts including:  strength training, plyometrics, cardio endurance, interval & circuit training, tension & resistance training, pilates, yoga, and a whole lot more.  The program is adaptable to all fitness levels, so don’t worry!

Assessments are taken at the beginning, middle, and end of the 30-day session to ensure you're on track and are making progress.  We have helped our clients collectively shed over 800 pounds and over 400 inches in the last year and a half – we can help you too!



Saturday, March 29TH

11:00 - Seminar on the RESET diet with Trainer Nate

12:00 - Health Assessments and consultations with the trainers

 Cost - $100 for Unlimited Members - $129 for Class Pass Holders - $149 for Non-Members


Email us for more information info@onetrainingstudio.com

We are your local experts for fitness, nutrition and overall wellness.


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