#Pray4Storms – How You Can Help Family of Critically Injured White Lake Teen

“The doctors have not been particularly positive or optimistic with me about Dillon's prognosis. “But they don't know everything,” Dillon “Storms” Bond’s mom posted on Facebook. “They don't know Dillon …”

Dillon Bond, the White Lake Middle School student critically injured in an accident as he crossed M-59 on Dec. 13, is responding to pain, has moved his legs and raised his forearm, and occasionally sheds tears, his mother posted Sunday on the official Pray for Storms Facebook page.

Dillon uses the hash tag #Storms in Xbox games, and legions of fellow gamers have rallied around him. 

The teenager's mother, Rebecca, said that though doctors “have not been particularly positive or optimistic” about her son’s prognosis, “they don’t know Dillon.”

The Facebook page was established as away for “simply asking for community support and prayers for our troubling time this holiday season. We are forever grateful for all those participating and spreading the word. We share in the love you are showing our family and are truly humbled and will pray for you and yours as well.”

Read more about the support drive here.

The page includes a link to the fundly.com fund-rising site, which had raised just shy of $5,000 by 8 a.m. Monday.

Dillon’s mother, Rebecca, posted this update Sunday evening:

“... So sorry for no updates the last two days. I needed time to process, Pray and cry.

“As of today, Dillon is off all sedation and pain meds (only as needed). He is still on a ventilator, but he is being given three hours twice a day to breathe on his own. He is responding to pain or when asked to squeeze a hand he will with some coaxing. He has yawned twice. Moved his legs and raised his forearm. Slowly things are waking up. However, a huge concern is that his eyes are still fixated. They are removing the drain from his brain right now.

“Occasionally he has tears.

“The doctors have not been particularly positive or optimistic with me about Dillon's prognosis. “But they don't know everything. They don't know Dillon, and they don't know me. I will do EVERYTHING in my power to see that Dillon has the best.”

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