Area Woman Uses Photography to Help Animal Rescues

In 2011 Kelly Nye, a former Highland resident, started taking photos to earn donations for animal rescues with friend Sue Zieske.

Kelly Nye, a former Highland resident, has always had a passion for photography and a love of animals. Nye is now putting her photography skills to use and helping to give back to animal rescues throughout the area.

Nye, who owns Creative Dog Photography with friend Sue Zieske, said that while they do have an LLC, they don't consider themselves a business.

"We are not interested in doing this (taking photos) for personal profit, we are just a couple of avid photographers who want to use our hobby to raise money for various animal rescue organizations," Nye said. "I've lived in and around Highland and White Lake for the last 25 years. I love it here. We do many of our photo shoots in the beautiful parks and rural settings this area has to offer."

Creative Dog Photography started in 2011, and has been taking off, Nye said.

"Mostly, we do dog photography, but we have photographed other types of pets —cats, horses, and we even did some photos of some donkeys last summer," she said. "We love to capture the bond between pets and their people, so we often photograph pets with their family members at their home, or in outdoor locations that are special to them. We love photographing pets in all stages of life, from rambunctious puppies to the wise old seniors. We want people to be inspired by the treasured memories we document through our photography, and in knowing that the money is going to a good cause."

A love of rescue animals

Nye, who works in the medical field, said photography has always been an interest of hers. The self-taught photographer said it’s fun to be able to break up all that science with creative pursuits like photography, "It’s what keeps me going day to day."

"We are both animal lovers, and have both had many pets throughout our lives —some since they were young, and others adopted through rescue," Nye said. "Right now, I have four dogs and three cats, all rescues."

For Nye, it's the bond formed between the pets and their rescuers that make the photos so special.

"It’s so hard to help all the needy pets out there, sadly you can never save them all. Creative Dog Photography is our way to help those needy pets financially, enjoy our favorite hobby and provide people with memorable photos of their pets, all at the same time," she said.

Most memorable photo shoot

Nye said she has had many memorable experiences, but there is one in particular that stands out. It's the photo shoot that inspired Creative Dog Photography.

"The one that stands out in my mind was a shoot I did for Sue’s two senior Great Danes," Nye said. "Nova is blind and has had an amputation (due to bone cancer) and Emmy is right by her side, all day, as her seeing eye dog. The bond between these two Dane sisters was incredible. Shortly before the shoot, Nova was diagnosed with a possible brain tumor, so Sue thought she wouldn’t have much time left. She wanted some special photos to remember her by, photos that illustrated the bond between the three of them. It meant so much to me to be able to do this for her, and it meant so much to her that she decided she wanted to be a part of bringing the same joy to other pet owners. And we both felt strongly about supporting animal rescue. So after the photo shoot, Sue and I decided to join forces to make 'pet photos for donation to rescues' a reality."

If you're interested in having your pets photographed by Nye and Zieske you can reach them by emailing creativedogphotography@yahoo.com or calling 248-808-1708.

Renee Horton January 30, 2013 at 10:45 PM
Kelly did wonderful puppy pics for me when I got a new dog. She was so patient and warm. It reflected in the beautiful quality of the pictures. Those pictures are still displayed in the house and receive many compliments. Her donations to animal rescues make it so much more worthwhile. I would absolutely recommend her and plan to get some grownup pics of my baby Blue soon.
Julia Kueber January 30, 2013 at 10:53 PM
Kelly is an amazing photographer! My dog Jet (the white one pictured with myself) had such a great time. Kelly has a way of capturing the dogs personality and having fun the entire time. I was SO happy with all of the pictures she took and it just thrills me that she doeent do this to make money for herself. Kelly has rescued her own dogs as well as being a foster mom for dogs in need and I just cant say enough nice things about her!! Thank you Kelly!!! I look forward to scheduling more sessions with you.
WendyJo Ellis Niccoli January 31, 2013 at 02:10 AM
Kelly and Sue came to take photos when we got our new rotty puppy (pictured above) along with our other 3 dogs. The photos came out great and I was so happy to make a donation to Safari Rescue. You can tell how much Kelly and Sue love animals as their love comes thru their photos. They really capture the animals personality. Kelly also went to my friends barn to take photos of her horses with temps in the mid teens. I think it is an awesome way to help the rescues. I am so happy to have met Kelly and Sue as they are both great animal lover photographers. I am looking forward to the next time they come out and get updated photos of our 8 month old 90 pound "puppy". Keep up the good work Girls! You both Rock!!!!
Sue Zieske January 31, 2013 at 11:52 PM
Kelly's beautiful photos of my two Great Danes (pictured above) inspired me to join her on her mission to help animals in need. She perfectly captured the bond between my blind girl and her faithful seeing-eye companion. I love working with Kelly because she is such a wonderful, giving person. Before I met her, I had many interactions with photographers, and never has anyone put so much effort into understanding their subject so well. I've seen some pet photographers out there who photograph rescue animals and people's pets for personal profit. But Kelly is different. She truly does this solely to raise money for animals in need, it's all about the animals. We have a few special rescues we have enjoyed working with, but if an owner would like to direct the donation to their favorite rescue group, that's fine too. I am looking forward to a great year ahead working with Kelly to provide people with treasured photos of their pets, while generating much-needed donations to help more needy animals find the loving homes they deserve.
Nancy February 03, 2013 at 01:34 PM
What a great team you two make. The Livingston County Animal Control & Shelter (LCAC) is also blessed with an amazing photographer who donates her time to take pix of the animals that are at LCAC & posting them to the website. Her name is Fran Lawton. In addition, she donates every penny that is donated when she does the Santa & your pet photo events, Easter Bunny & your pet + other photo ops throughout the year. BTW, her hubby Terry, makes the best Santa ever!! As the LCAC is tax payer funded with less & less money being allocated yet more animals being received & housed, her donations are always greatly needed. To all the ladies helping us, THANK YOU & God bless you for your dedication & generosity to a worthy cause.


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