Job Openings in White Lake and Highland

Looking for a job in White Lake or Highland? These places are hiring.

The following businesses are hiring for the listed positions in White Lake or Highland, according to indeed.com or the company's website:


White Lake Police

  • The White Lake Township Civil Service Commission announces an open, competitive examination to fill future vacancies of Police Officer with the White Lake Police Department. The salary range is $44,609 to $59,953 annually with full benefits. Applications and qualification requirements may be obtained from the township website at www.whitelaketwp.com and from the White Lake Township Clerk’s office at: 7525 Highland Road, White Lake, MI 48383, 248-698-3300 ext 7 MINIMUM QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS MUST BE MET BEFORE AN APPLICANT WILL BE INVITED TO TEST. Applications are due at the White Lake Twp. Clerk’s office by 12:00 noon January 4, 2013. White Lake is an equal opportunity employer.

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Taco Bell

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