Job Openings in White Lake and Highland

Looking for a job in White Lake or Highland? These places are hiring.

The following businesses are hiring for the listed positions in White Lake or Highland, according to their respective websites:

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  • Retail Sales Associate

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Steve Martinko August 10, 2012 at 02:08 PM
Contender's Tree & Lawn Specialist's, Inc is adding two new positions. We are seeking another full time certified arborist who will tend to keeping landscapes healthy and free of insects and diseases. We are also looking to hire a self motivated individual to fertilize lawns using state of the art machines. Every truck we operate is equiped with laptops so each employee can work smoothly with software designed to help them manage their day. Here at Contender's we know how important it is to attract talented people whether its those who have the skills or those who know how to attain the skills they're missing. We value a clean, fun and energetic environment where every person walks in the door excited about their day and the adventure it brings. Feel free to contact us at 248-698-4470


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