Lakeshore Hilltop Apartments, Renovated and Ready for Business

Under new management, the apartment complex off M-59 has been transformed into a family-friendly community aimed at giving residents a slice of pure Michigan.

When new owners Bryan Muscat, 28, and Jake Wiles, 27, first saw , they saw opportunity.

"It was the perfect property," Muscat said. "It had everything you'd want in a nice community and had a real "up north" type feel. There was a lot of potential, it just needed some cleaning up.

And cleaning up is what they did when they purchased the property in May. Driving down M-59 you'll notice the new entrance sign and white picket fence along the perimeter of the property.

In addition, Muscat said he and Wiles have cleared out some of the tenants that caused issues in the complex in the past.

"We really want the community to be a family community, so we've worked hard to make sure that not only are the apartments renovated and cleaned up, but that the tenants we allow here also fit that goal," Muscat said.

In addition to the clean up of the property grounds, the building interiors and apartments have been cleaned up.

Muscat said he, Wiles and their crew have repainted all the apartments and replaced the major fixtures in places like the bathrooms, replaced the plumbing and the appliances.

"We wanted to keep a little of the original character, like the tile floors in the kitchens, but decided to replace anything that looked worn and that we knew a lot of people have touched," Muscat said.

The apartments also have new carpet and have been thoroughly cleaned by a professional company.

In addition to the living spaces offered, the property has areas for bonfires, and there's a small lake in back where residents can go fishing.

"We want families to feel like they have safe community here, with everything you'd want for your kids," Muscat said.

Both Muscat and Wiles spend their days in the leasing office on the property, and said it's their goal to provide personalized care for their residents.

"We are always here, you aren't dealing with some absent management company," Muscat said. "When you have an issue you can come and talk to us and deal with us directly - that's not something you find everywhere."

A one bedroom apartment at the complex runs between $550 and $595 a month. A two bedroom apartment costs between $650 and $695 a month.

If you want more information on properties that are available, and leasing terms you can contact Lakeshore Hilltop Apartments at 248-716-9072.

april kopka August 24, 2012 at 01:10 PM
Now, if white lake would make the owner of the old farm house,three houses east of Dolane Blvd, clean up the junk and eyesores in his yard....it would be wonderful!!


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