UPDATED: AT&T Wireless Phone Service Restored

Customers in southeast Michigan, including White Lake and Highland, could not make or place calls Monday morning.

Wireless phone service has been restored to AT&T customers after an outage Monday in southeast Michigan.

[Leave a comment if you've been affected!]

A spokesman said earlier Monday that the outage's casuse was under investigation as the company worked to resolve the issue.

"We are currently investigating the source of the outage and will have more information later today regarding the number of customers affected," AT&T senior public relations manager Jermaine Spight said.

"The outage is affecting the ability to place and received calls on customers' mobile devices, however, they are able to text and access data services such as mobile Internet," he said.

Several residents in the area reported having problems with their cell service this morning.

Tim Tuohey wrote on the White Lake-Highland Facebook page, "My house phone works but my cell won't pick up the call."

Laura Vogel December 03, 2012 at 03:24 PM
Five lines, all dead in the water for voice, two of five lines down for data (iPhone lines down, Android lines still working, which is weird because packets are packets it shouldn't matter what device is sending/receiving the data packets)
Stephen J Szostak December 03, 2012 at 05:42 PM
Happened to me briefly this morning. Strange thing 'cause yesterday the whole device stopped and reverted to the white Apple on black background screen (iPhone4) then FROZE. Lasted about an hour or so during the early afternoon. Figured it was either the Govt. or a CME (lol)


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