Patch's 2012 Gift Guide: 5 Holiday Gifts for Geeks

Don't settle for the latest iPhone, check out our geek-inspired gifts for the holidays.

The holiday shopping season is upon us once more. Do you have your list planned out? Mom? Dad? What about the "geek" in your life?

Geeks, in general, can be tricky when it comes to gifts. We don’t like gifts that are uncreative and uninspiring. Sure, the latest iPad or smart phone might be the default way to go, but if you are on a budget—or looking for something unique—try these gifts instead.

1. Dr. Who pocket watch

Want to give your geeky boyfriend a nice gift that doesn't scream, "I'm cheap"? Check out the Dr. Who pocket watch on ThinkGeek.com. The high quality die cast metal watch is an exact replica from the Dr. Who television series. The retail price is $39.99

2. Superheros are your friends

It's never too late to start accessorizing before the next Marvel or DC superhero movie hits the big screen in 2013. No crime fighter should be without the proper outfit. Check out the Captain America or Green Lantern hoodie on Amazon.com. There's also a nifty Superman comfy throw blanket with sleeves.

3. Afraid of Ghosts?

Your kids ain’t afraid of no ghosts – but just in case they are, the Ghostbusters neon light will work perfectly as a night light to keep away any scary ghosts or poltergeists that dare try enter your kid’s room.

4. May the Force be With You

Battle your fellow geeks like never before with these real laser powered lightsabers. Powered using the same technology in professional lasers, these intense lightsabers are the closest thing we’ve ever seen to a real lightsaber outside of a movie theater.

5. Hogwarts graduate

Harry Potter fans can control any TV with the flick of the wrist with this magic wand TV remote control. This magic wand TV remote control has 13 different gestures to do everything from turn the TV on and off to changing the volume or channel.


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