Letter to the Editor: Praise for Oxbow Elementary Teacher

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I remember talking to you about what great teachers we have at Oxbow and I wanted to share a story about one of them with you. We had our Fun Run last Friday on the 28th of September, and I was a parent volunteer. After each class was done with their run, the kids all thanked us before they went inside, but there was one class that did something that had quite a few of us in awe...they as well as their teacher Jim Izzo, came up to every volunteer and shook our hands and told us thank you, taking one final walk around the track to make sure they remembered everyone. What a great lesson on gratitude. This year is his 2nd teaching at Oxbow and I say we are fortunate to have him!

- Lesley McBride

Editor's Note: The following is additional background on the fun run from Oxbow Principal Jill McDonald.

I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your participation and donations in our 2012-13 Fun Run. Because of your generosity, we have not only met our goal, but exceeded it! The Oxbow School community raised $10,157.82! Along with some building and district funds, here are some details about how we have used the Fun Run funds just in the past three years:

  1. We have purchased 17 Elmo Document Cameras and Projectors (like an advanced, 21st century overhead projector)- one in all classrooms of teachers who want it. 
  2. We have at least one Smartboard at each grade level (have gone from 0-9 boards in three years).
  3. Each classroom is given a budget for teachers to use specifically for classroom materials to use with students.

As you can see, your contributions have made a significant difference and our students are benefitting from this each day. The Oxbow School community is fantastic! Thank you so much again for supporting our school, staff, and students. 

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