Deputies, Police Continue to Investigate Credit Card Number Thefts

More cases of credit card number thefts are popping up in White Lake and Highland

Last week detectives with the Oakland County Sheriff's Office Highland Substation said the department was being inundated with reports of identity and credit card number thefts.

White Lake Police Chief Ed Harris said his department is joining the investigation after some area residents reported similar thefts.

Harris said the cases have several similarities, including an unknown person using stolen credit card numbers at businesses in White Lake and the surrounding area, and victims still having possession of the credit cards being used.

"We're investigating it along with Highland," Harris said. "We know there are some places that all these victims have in common so we are working on those leads."

The latest report came into the White Lake station Feb. 17 when a 55-year-old resident reported her credit card number was used at a Meijer in Utica. She still had possession of the card. Harris said it's likely linked to the others reported in White Lake and Highland.

To protect yourself against identity theft Highland Det. Jim Bowie suggested making sure accounts are up-to-date and said people should monitor their bank and credit card statements every day.

In addition, Bowie said to check credit reports and use common sense when purchasing items online.

Christina Hill February 23, 2013 at 12:52 PM
I also had my number stolen, I live in white lake but I did not report it to the police. My credit card number was used in Illinois on February 7th
Eric Shotwell February 23, 2013 at 08:32 PM
I had this happen to me with my debit card on February 6th. The number was used by someone at a Valero gas station in Beaumont, TX and at a Lady Foot Locker in Virginia, on the same day. While I still had my card and was in White Lake where I live. Didn't report it to anyone but the Visa and the bank. Can anyone say which places "in common" the previous cards were used? The article doesn't mention that so I'm wondering. We do shop at the Meijer in White Lake, so wondering if that's a commonality.
Brooke Tajer February 23, 2013 at 08:36 PM
I would report it to police. They don't want to release the info about which places are in common because of the investigation.
Erica Clark February 23, 2013 at 09:21 PM
I also had this happen to me. My debit card number was stolen with the card still in my possesion on February 7th as did my boyfriend that same weekend. Thankfully our bank put blocks on both of our accounts after the attempted transactions. I was told by the cardmember services people that mine was a well known fraudulent transaction called Hearth Inn which is supposed to be a fake hotel chain. My boyfriend was told his was attempted in 2 different areas the same day February 9th in Colorado and once at a Meijer in Allen Park MI. This all just sounds so much like what happened to us!


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