Man Who Passed Polygraph Sentenced After Asking to Withdraw Plea to Sexually Touching 2 Girls

Two adults in the house at the time the alleged acts occurred said the Highland Township man was never in the same area as the girls, ages 12 and 14.

Jeffrey Lee Keyes of Highland Township was sentenced to five years' probation, including one year to be served at the Livingston County Jail, after he pleaded guilty to sexually touching two minor girls. (Patch file photo)
Jeffrey Lee Keyes of Highland Township was sentenced to five years' probation, including one year to be served at the Livingston County Jail, after he pleaded guilty to sexually touching two minor girls. (Patch file photo)

A Highland Township man said he took agreement on charges that he sexually touched two minors last year “for numerous reasons,” including the recommendation of his attorney, but claims he’s innocent of the charges.

Jeffrey Lee Keyes was accepted the deal, which is not an admission of guilt, then tried to withdraw his plea at a later date, The Observer & Eccentric reports.

“I would never admit to anything I didn’t do,” he reportedly said.

The request was denied, and Livingston County Probate Judge Miriam Cavanaugh sentenced to five years of probation, with the first year to be served in the Livingston County Jail. He will spend the remainder of his probation on electronic monitoring.

Keyes was arrested after two girls, ages 14 and 12, alleged in February 2013 that he had inappropriately touched them while they were babysitting at the home of Keyes’ friend in Brighton Township.

Court records show that Keyes passed a polygraph, and two adults in the house at the time of the alleged acts backed up his claims of innocence, telling police that he was never in the same area of the house as the two girls.
George Parks March 13, 2014 at 10:49 AM
I have to say this...and only because I am a father of a 2 year old girl. That is, if my daughters were at home and there was an older man in the house that ,( and I am assuming) was a friend of family. And my girl told me that he touched them inappropriately, there would be questions asked in the nature of...1. were you all playing, wrestling, something to those effects. 2. Why were you playing or even communicating by touch with girls that are teens. Even different than your age group? 3. If your not there for the girls and there because your visiting a male friend of the house, why are you even in the house when there isn't any parents home. They said it happened while Keyes came by the friends of his while the 2 girls were babysitting. Of coarse the town is small everyone knows everyone to some extent...which DOES NOT MAKE IT OKAY TO BREAK THE FORBIDDEN RULES OF ALLOWING ANYONE IN A HOME WHILE YOU ARE BABYSITTING! Why did the Keyes man even attempt to enter the home knowing the girls were babysitting? I will tell you why...the girls are probably good looking and teens and coming of age and the man is no doubt a pervert at some extent. any man with good intentions would have turned around and left the moment the girls said no they are not here and we are baby sitting...he should have turned around and left...and for passing a lie detector...its not easy but it happens...a valium and /or some be cool meds and your good. I don't want the worst to become of this story but its easy to see that the man is wrong on many levels. whether or not he did touch them and I pray to God he didn't but if so, he should be put away for life there is no cure or rehabilitation for sex offenders. Then again there could be a lot more to this story...such as the matureness of the teens. How they may pretend to be all that...then again I pray to God that's not the case because if so you now see what kind of trouble that attracts...Smoking ciggs hanging with others that are doing wrong stuff and drinking under age and all the other so called cool crap that absolutely could lead to the end of your dreams...is not cool at all. Being real and unique and being your self is what's up....if anyone don't accept you for you then he/she has a big problem and probably has some real issues of their own that hasn't really surfaced yet and will soon enough and hopefully they will not fall into a crowd of kids or adults that will totally take advantage of their issues. Like the Keyes guy, if he did do this he is a predator and that's what predators do, they stalk young naïve girls that want to be cool and they take advantage of them...a touch to a predator is al he needs to satisfy his criminal urges...that time! next time he catches you, with or with out a friend he may even take it to the next level..you have to be careful and remain faithful to yourselves and your parents...if you believe in God yet. Then pray that He gives you the knowledge needed to keep from harms way...I hate the whole pedophile category. I have a whole other theory on how to deal with them and why. I have to keep it clean for the youngsters reading this or the weak natured. I believe in God and I do believe that all can be saved. I do love my daughter and would be hard to not forget who I am if a man or anyone tried to do anything to mine or even if I knew of another child being hurt in any way. God Bless you all be safe out there your living next to or close to a sicko...just look it up online there is one in almost every neighborhood.


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