Police Say Group of Lakeland Students Involved in Bomb Threat Expelled

The following information was supplied by White Lake Township Police. Arrests and charges do not indicate convictions.

According to White Lake Police, a group of students was responsible for Thursday's bomb threat at Lakeland Highland.

A report filed with the department states that a group, all juveniles, discussed making a threat because they did not want to attend classes on Friday.

A few members of the group actively participated in writing a threat on a bathroom wall, and then took photos and notified administration at Lakeland that they (the group) had found the threat.

School Resource Officer John Kirken led an investigation and all of the students involved were expelled, the report states.

Those in the group that actively participated in making the threat could face charges of making a terrorist threat - a 20 year felony - and police said the case will be forwarded to the prosecutor's office once the investigation is complete.

"We encourage any parent or student who hears a credible threat to contact Officer Kirken or the administration," Lt. Don Nankervis said. "If it's after hours you can always call the police department. The school district and this department take these threats very seriously."

Lauralee Daniels, M.S. December 22, 2012 at 04:32 PM
After all the television coverage of the Sandy Hook massacre & continued emphasis on punishment for anyone making terrorist threats these kids cannot plead ignorance & should receive felony charges. Their punishment should also involve recompense to the police department for the manpower involved in this threat & investigation. NO Mercy any longer.
Erica Sikma December 22, 2012 at 08:41 PM
I agree, Lauralee--quit being so easy on people like this. You want a day off school, so you organize a false bomb threat? What kind of person makes that kind of decision?
Gerry S December 23, 2012 at 06:14 AM
The question here is why did these students not want to attend classes on Friday? Just recently The Patch ran two articles with the headlines: "Lakeland Administration, Police Debunk Rumor of Student With Gun at Lakeland" and "Neighboring Districts Cancel Classes Following Rumors, Should Huron Valley Do the Same?" If these children did this because they genuinely felt threatened then the district should share culpability. They made the decision to hold classes when other districts chose to cancel them. Even if these kids were simply vandals the thing that I think is obvious that we can learn from the recent events is that we need to pay attention to mental health. Mentally balanced kids do not issue bomb threats. Did they feel threatened to the point of doing this or were they pulling a prank? Either way, I am not sure the time-honored expulsion punishment is necessarily the correct punishment n this situation... Talk to these kids and find out why they did this and demand they seek counseling before continuing their education.
margaret oatrowski December 27, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Yes, mental health combined with consequences needs to be the focus. We in the USA pay the big sports people more money than mental health therapists. Why is that?


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