Police: Teens Found Shooting Cars With Paint Ball Guns

The following information was supplied by White Lake Township Police. Arrests and charges do not indicate convictions.

Two 16-year-olds from Waterford and a 15-year-old from White Lake were arrested by White Lake Police Sept. 15 at 11:55 p.m. on Elizabeth Lake Road after three drivers reported their cars being damaged by paint balls while driving down the road.

According to the report, the drivers called police and when an officer arrived on the scene, he entered the wooded area across from Houghton Elementary School, the report states, and witnessed three teens shooting paint balls at cars using paintball guns.

The officer reported that he ordered the teens to stay where they were, but they took off running. The officer, the report states, continue to yell at the teens and they eventually all stopped.

The officer held the teens until backup arrived, and all three teens were taken to the station. Evidence, including the guns and empty cartridges were collected at the scene.

At the station, the three were released to their parents and Lt. Adam Kline said juvenile petitions will be filed at Oakland County probate court for felony malicious destruction of property charges.

For questions about this crime report, email brooke.meier@patch.com.


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