Two Men Charged with Breaking and Entering in White Lake

The following information was supplied by White Lake Township police. Arrests and charges do not indicate convictions.

Tyler Oaks, 20, of Farmington Hills, and Leneal Whitehead, 21, of Detroit, were arraigned Wednesday on charges of second degree breaking and entering—a 15-year felony—after being arrested in White Lake.

According to a report filed with the White Lake Police Department, the two men were arrested Monday after police responded to a report of a home invasion on the 1000 block of Teakwood in White Lake.

The report states that Oaks and Whitehead were apprehended as they were exiting the home through a broken back door.

Lt. Don Nankervis said a neighbor called police after seeing the two men enter the home. The neighbor told police that he called the homeowners, who were on vacation, and confirmed that the men were not supposed to be there.

The report states that police found several televisions stacked near the back door along with some jewelry. It also looked like the home had been ransacked.

Nankervis said the department is very grateful to the neighbor who called. "We need more people looking out for each other and calling when they see something that looks suspicious."

Oaks was given a $10,000 cash bond, and Whitehead an $8,000 cash bond.

joe smoe April 05, 2013 at 04:46 PM
and more effective.
Piper Christian Applebee Vierik April 05, 2013 at 07:16 PM
I'm not a "left lib" by any definition of those words but I think automatically jumping to killing these two is a bit harsh. Bullets may be cheaper and/or more effective but as a society, we can't just run amuck killing people for doing bad/illegal things, that's why we have the laws we have. I'm glad the homeowners weren't home and that the outcome was safe for everyone involved.
joe smoe April 05, 2013 at 08:42 PM
you must live in on a commune..... no sense of self or secure domain. anyone dumb enough to cross the line l drew in MY castle is not coming out in one piece. only problem is.. where do l shoot him?.......answer.... make him lie in the bathtub... easier to clean up the blood.
Piper Christian Applebee Vierik April 06, 2013 at 03:22 AM
No, I don't live "in on a commune". Nor do I have "no sense of self or secure domain". I have the tools to protect myself and my family should the need arise, however, I'm not going to "shoot first, ask questions later", that's how the innocent end up dead. I'm not going to risk accidentally killing my children because I choose to shoot at the odd sound I don't recognize in the middle if the night instead of asking who's making the sound first. That exact situation happened to Oscar Pistorius, he killed his girlfriend who was simply using the bathroom, not breaking in and stealing things.
Holly Scott April 06, 2013 at 03:51 PM
So whats up with the low number on the cash bond? and why is one less guilty than the other on the bond? That's just stupid. These thugs got caught in the act and the neighbors and police did their civil duties and the judge gave them a low bond. (lawl).That's just criminal. How would that person feel if his/her home was invaded like that. Their home being violated by two thugs. What kind of bond would that judge give them, if it was his home, in that case? The system just lets these thugs, more or less get out with a slap on the wrist. They know right from wrong and police do their jobs to get them, but they end up back on the prowl to steal from some other law abiding people because of the light penalties. Should be "you do the crime, you do the time" motto and pay back the victims they decided to violate. This is my opinion. If my family was threaten, in any way, in a home invasion or what have you, I would do anything to keep my family safe, end of story! To bad we can't construct a rocket ship to carry these criminals and send them to a place far far away. /=\


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