What is Spice?

White Lake Police Chief Edward Harris discusses spice, a synthetic marijuana.

I have noticed that my local gas station is selling a large variety of "spice." What are the effects of this product?

-Kathy Vitullo

Chief Edward Harris: The “spice” you are referring to is a form of synthetic marijuana that is sold as incense. Originally sold under the name K2, K2 was banned when legislation was passed in October of 2010. Manufacturers are finding ways around the legislation by manufacturing variations of the banned substance, eliminating the chemicals that caused the original K2 to be banned. This type of synthetic marijuana is extremely dangerous. There has been movement to introduce new legislation to ban all forms of this substance, however it is still pending. I would strongly recommend everyone contact their respective state representatives and senators to urge the passage of such legislation.

Thank You,

Edward Harris

Chief of Police

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Jeffrey Long January 30, 2012 at 01:51 PM
This is likely the same type of substance that has hospitalized Demi Moore. It is NOT for human consumption. Parents be warned, it is for sale in many stores, gas stations, and tobacco shops. If you start to find small containers of "Incense" please get involved.


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