Patterson Will Return to Work at Oakland County Office Tuesday

'This is where I belong,' said the county executive, who continues to recover from injuries he received in an August car crash.

Almost 12 weeks after being seriously injured in a car crash, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson will return to work at his Waterford office this week.

Patterson is scheduled to return to the office Tuesday. He will conduct a meeting with his deputy county executives and directors, then address the media Tuesday afternoon, according to his communications officer, Bill Mullan.

“As I enter the next phase of my physical rehabilitation, I will resume my daily duties at the Executive Office Building,” Patterson said in a statement. “This is where I belong.” 

Patterson was injured Aug. 10 when the Chrysler 300 he had been riding in was struck by another vehicle at the intersection of Opdyke and Walton roads in Auburn Hills. 

He suffered a broken hip, leg, ankle, five ribs and both wrists. He spent a total of five weeks at McLaren Hospital and was then released to a private location for rehabilitation.

In an interview with Patch last month, Patterson said his daily physical therapy routine consisted of mostly weights and "toning" exercises. He said he has spoken to members of his staff daily while in rehabilitation.

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Racer Boy November 01, 2012 at 02:18 PM
Lianne- Can you help us all here, what source do you have for the speeding charge?
Haulin T Male November 01, 2012 at 02:55 PM
Racer Boy, I think I know. Some retched scribe, picked up on what a Chrysler in house mechanic, or an out side mechanic said. bout ""THE BLACK BOX" So some blogger's have taken that as Legal and binding . Which of course it is not. Just how accurate the black box reading is?? as defined in a court of law. would these he speeding , want to be ticketed, the same way.? by a third party, "oh he was speeding" so you get a ticket for how much, and how accurate? remember black boxes are to help engineers find out what is, was, wrong at time of not moving. So design can improve......... the box is program as it is assemb. does it ever get re qualified, another words, "ZERO'd" back to a known, a constant, ?" as a 50 yr old, do you go in and have your heart requlified? back to normal.? These people who take some thing and run with it are just like Back Yard Fence Talk, like, what's going on, "I heard da da and da" but he is still in there? gossip.... lol
Haulin T Male November 01, 2012 at 03:22 PM
"Speeding" speeding means what? not what you think so much, in general. Road Speed is set using, traffic counts, number of egresses & accesses , the road condition (smoothness) , the comfort ability of drivers to maintain their speed. just the feel of the environment What does all that mean, license to speed? not quite.......... two examples..... 1) Rochester Rd, say in the 50's - 60's , two lane, with center passing lane. speed limit. (?) 30 at most, might of been 25. How did it get to what it is now? road design , car design, and the over all feeling, the driver feels he can safety go faster. the cars were going faster, cause of comfort, feel, for safety for him and others. 2) Freeway would 30 make you feel, anxious. of course, no access (limited) just cement to move forward on. no trees etc. Back when they lowered the 70, to 55, people tried to obey, you were getting tickets for what is now the speed you got the ticket for. two groups help the authorities to set speed limits. T I A (traffic information Authority, (used around here.) and ATI american Traf. info.
Haulin T Male November 01, 2012 at 03:43 PM
some times police don't give a speeding ticket, cause they know a change is coming, in the speed limit.......... they might stop you, but no citation. Traffic flow in this area is just as important, perhaps a traffic bender takes a cop out of action for how long, take a look at the rush hr. Ok more and more areas are using speed reminders (read outs) with lights on top, not to send a cop after you, but to observe your reaction, if you don't slow down,. I posted the above, cause people said "Paterson" was speeding? did a speed control device catch him, (cop) ? the area has new concrete, a new design, opened up, (comfort for the area) or how about he was going SLOWER then the group, pack he was in?. ??? I don't know, I wasn't there. neither did the police, they weren't there either. Defense atty, is calling all 19 of the 911 callers, who probably didn't really see the accident, just one or two really saw it, (prob) the rest heard it, looked over as cars were coming to rest....etc all he trying to do is get out of the tickets. it is not a civil trial is it?
Lianne Mathie November 01, 2012 at 05:31 PM
http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2012/08/27/reports-pattersons-driver-was-speeding-in-crash/ He was doing 54 in a 45 MPH zone, sorry you only read what you want to read. It's recorded on the cars computer, need more proof?


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