You Might See Different Garbage Trucks in Highland

Waste disposal services contractor Richfield Equities filed for Chap. 11 bankruptcy protection; Rizzo Environmental agreed to purchase Oakland accounts.

New trucks might be hauling trash and compost as soon as November, but residents shouldn't feel much change if Highland makes the switch.

Richfield Equities has filed for bankruptcy, and its Oakland County accounts are expected to be purchased by Rizzo Environmental Services, a Sterling Heights-based company.

Richfield has hauled Highland's trash, compost and recycling for several years, according to the township.

The anticipated sale of Richfield to Rizzo is based on an offer accepted Oct. 15, according to Dan Garman of Crossroads Consulting, Inc. Garman is a liaison between municipalities and waste haulers.

Richfield filed a voluntary petition for Chap. 11 at Michigan Eastern Bankruptcy Court on Sept. 18. The agreement will be reviewed by Federal Bankruptcy Court Nov. 6.

Garman said the hope is to have Rizzo take over the contracts Nov. 9, which is when residents can expect to see different trucks and names on their bills. Rizzo's red trucks can currently be seen in 14 municipalities in the tri-county area.

Highland Supervisor Triscia Pilchowski told the Milford Times that she has yet to receive a request from Garman to sign off an agreement for the township to transfer its contract per attorney approval, but when she does she said she will bring it to the township board.

Garman said that residents can expect to see the same services provided as the same contract will be transferred and no delay in service.

Representatives from Rizzo could not be reached for comment.

Laura Vogel October 18, 2012 at 04:05 PM
The recent political climate has re-ignited confusion over what it means to "declare bankruptcy". Here, Richfield filed for "Chapter 11", which is a reorganization. That's the same provisions used by GM and Chrysler recently. When people hear "bankruptcy", the understandable urge is to presume they are going completely out of business, which is not the case in a Chapter 11. The "liquidating assets" kind of bankruptcy is Chapter 7. For the sake of the Richfield employees and retirees, then, let's hope this Chapter 11 filing gives the company the necessary 'breathing room' to get their business back on track.
rebecca October 18, 2012 at 04:53 PM
Question- Our recycle bins have been stolen twice. Any recommendations after buying the second one already? Who do we contact? I don't want to buy another one...
Brooke Tajer October 18, 2012 at 05:04 PM
I would file a police report, if you haven't already, so there is documentation. Then, see if that documentation can help you get one from the recycling company at no cost. That's what I would do. It unfortunate that it keeps getting taken.


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