How to Avoid Slip & Fall Injuries This Winter

Winter is in full swing and with it comes seasonal hazards and slippery conditions. The latest Bernstein Blog has some helpful tips to help you avoid Slip & Fall Injuries.


Winter is in full swing and with it comes seasonal hazards and slippery conditions. Snow, ice and sleet are the major culprits in winter slips and falls, along with improperly cleared roads and walkways. The same ingredients that make for fun, also make for walking hazards. Caution is key in slippery, winter conditions.

It is not uncommon to see a rise in emergency room visits from slips and falls after a snow or ice storm. Injuries from these falls include: wrist and hip fractures, sprains, and ligament and tendon damage. Head injuries are also common.

To avoid a trip to the emergency room, try to stay inside until roads and walkways are cleared. If that is not possible, use extra caution and wear footwear with stability and traction.

When temperatures rise during the day, remember they will drop as soon as the sun goes down. This can create unexpected spots of ice where there wasn’t any earlier in the day. Be sure to look out for hazardous black ice and snow covered ice on roads, sidewalks and uneven surfaces that have not been properly salted or plowed.  Always be on the look out for unsafe areas when walking.

Tips for avoiding a slip or fall:

  • Wear winter footwear that provides support and traction. Do not wear shoes or boots with smooth soles. Bring them along and change into them when you reach your destination.
  • Look ahead when you are walking and plan a route if you need to avoid slippery sidewalks. Walking on the perimeter can help, as there could be more traction on grassy edges.
  • Do not take shortcuts over snow piles or un-shoveled areas.
  • Use hand rails along outdoor stairs and walkways.
  • When getting out of the car or truck, use the door for support.
  • Try not to carry bulky packages or backpacks which can throw off your balance.
  • If you do feel yourself falling, relax your muscles and try to land on your side. This can help to prevent wrist or hip fractures.
  • Keep your own driveway and walkways cleared and salted.


If it is unavoidable to cross a slippery area, the best way is to shuffle. To do this is, keep your head up, point your feet out, put your arms out for added balance then, take very short steps barely lifting your feet from the surface. This can give you a little added stability. Have a safe and slip free winter.

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Jade March 04, 2013 at 08:24 PM
Was this one of the signs of the Apocolypse?
Geoff Hoffman March 04, 2013 at 08:25 PM
If everyone switches to blogging and they stop paying for advertising how long do you think the Patch will survive? Thank's for making my point.
Geoff Hoffman March 04, 2013 at 08:29 PM
You're right your "ornery comments are silly".
Brooke Tajer March 04, 2013 at 08:34 PM
Thank you all for the interesting comments. Because we have gone so far off topic, the comments on this thread are now being closed. Thanks!
movinon March 04, 2013 at 08:35 PM
Meredith, I applaud your tenacity & composure as you continue to blog on this 'community' based business known as Patch. Never surrender! As if this free online resource somehow belongs to the people, the people want to run it. I'm not sure who decided to pronounce themselves "king" of Patch, but if you are from Fenton you would know that we already have a "king" who thinks he runs the town. That could be some of the problem here. I think the "Patch" is next to a bald spot on most of the comment contributors sun burnt heads.AOL owns this place. They are not in it for enjoyment, yours or anyone else's. Like everything else that seems to start out great you will see this Patch experience move toward AOL's prime directive. That is the indoctrination of smaller mindset's, more control over people's opinions, and their assets. Corporations are after ALL 'people'. Citizens United. Speaking of laws...someone up there ^ mentioned the Bernstein Bears can charge whatever they like. That isn't true. They are limited by law to taking most of the profit... but anyway...thinking because you are free to badger people here you somehow have a say in what is published here is just....hysterical!!! They can & will allow you to ruin peoples sleep & reputation if it draws enough attention to the site. Page hits for advertisers. That behavior will be reined in by the occasional lawsuit but money is no object for 'them', or should I say 'It'. Who owns AOL? It own's you.


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