Canine Search Conducted at Lakeland Wednesday

In a letter home to parents, Lakeland High School Principal Paul Gmelin said no illegal drugs were found during the search.

The following is a letter home from the Lakeland High School Prinicpal Paul Gmelin.

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Today, we conducted a search of the building using an Oakland County Sheriff’s K-9 unit including; ten classrooms, hallways, student lockers and the parking lot. The unannounced search was conducted under a general lockdown. There were five dogs used and at no time did the dogs interact with students. All students in classrooms that were searched were moved to the CPA. I’m pleased to report that no illegal drugs were found.

The building and District may be conducting these searches at our secondary schools at any time including the remainder of the year. The purpose is to provide a safe learning environment for our students. We also want to send a strong message that drugs will not be tolerated in our schools. During these searches, empty classrooms, student backpacks, the parking lot, hallways and student lockers are the areas of focus.

We take steps like this to strongly discourage drug use and possession by our students, not because we are experiencing an increase in drug use, but because any drug use is illegal and unacceptable in our schools. Additional prevention efforts include specific lessons in our health classes, working closely with our police liaisons, coordinating student and family interventions with agencies such as Huron Valley Youth Assistance and reaching out to students demonstrating at-risk behaviors.

I encourage you to reinforce with your child the dangers of drug use and the positive alternatives available to them. If you would like to speak to me, a counselor or a social worker in regards to this area, please call and we’ll put you in touch with the appropriate person.

As always if you or your child has information about drug use, drug sales, vandalism or threats of violence against students, staff or the school please notify the administration or call the Huron Valley Safe Schools Tip Line at 248-676-TIPS.

Together we can help our students succeed.

Paul K. Gmelin
Principal, Lakeland High School


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