Demolition To Begin at Highland Middle, Baker Elementary Schools

The area will be off-limits to everyone.

Demolition is set to begin Monday for Baker Elementary School and Highland Middle School, according to an email from Huron Valley Schools.

Fences will be erected around the properties and it is expected that heavy equipment will be on site beginning the week of April 8.

According to the school district email, the demolition area is off-limits due to the fact that conditions will be unsafe for anyone other than those trained for this type of work.

"We are asking for cooperation from our neighbors and others to ensure that only those with permission are on site," the email states.

Due to declining enrollment and diminished state aid, the two schools were closed in 2011. The Board of Education then decided in December 2012 to demolish the buildings after the district did not receive any offers for to purchase the buildings that worked or that were near market value. Highland and Milford also both declined offers to purchase the buildings.

In 2012, there was pending legislation that would require every vacant school building to be listed by the state and made available for use to charter schools. As a result, the decision was made by the school district to knock the buildings down.

That legislation was not passed into law.

Tami Hall April 04, 2013 at 01:42 PM
I'm sure this is going to make for a great dusty environment for the kids on the playground, and during baseball practices. It isn't the boards kids affected so why should they care.
Holly Scott April 06, 2013 at 04:32 PM
It is to bad that history is now going to be history. Don't really know why, or all the reasons it couldn't be saved and used for other events, or functions. The board didn't want to work with the township, or however it was. Just sad no one really cared about saving the old school. Out with old and in with new and improved.....??? guess it won't matter in 5 years from now. right. Take your photos before it's gone.."click" (0-0)
Greg Soraruf April 07, 2013 at 06:45 PM
Greg Soraruf April 07, 2013 at 07:03 PM
Yes it is sad to see that the school could not be reused for adaptive reuse project, but I'm grateful that its not going to be a charter school. As for the dust and demolition- the dust should be controlled by the contractor "most likely with water sprayed continuously during demolition activities". This will elevate dust from moving and accumulating. There should be a third party certified air monitoring company on site to continuously test for contaminants in the air. The contractor should have a environmental study of the site i.e.school. To see what environmental hazards are on the property. The air monitoring should be testing for contaminates like asbestos or lead. This must be done prior to any demolition and provided on site for reference and guidance. If a governing authority should show up on site this must be there for anyone's review. I would hope all of the documentation has been addressed before the demolition starts.


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