How School-Closing Decisions Are Made in Huron Valley

Huron Valley Schools Superintendent Jim Baker explains the procedures used and the factors that help determine when school will be closed or delayed in the Huron Valley area.

How does Huron Valley Schools determine whether or not school is in session? In many cases, it depends on road conditions - other factors include weather and temperatures.

In a letter home to parents, Huron Valley Schools Superintendent Jim Baker explained:

The decision to close schools is never an easy one. I recognize that the unexpected closure of school causes an inconvenience for some our families. However, it is paramount that we keep the safety of our students first in our minds. In Huron Valley we are in the unique situation of having a large percentage of our bus routes traveling on unpaved roads. This morning, the weather continued to create hazardous travel on a large number of our roads. It was at this point that I made the decision to close schools this morning.  

Jim Baker Superintendent

Earlier this month school was in session despite wind chills below 0 degrees. On its Facebook page, Baker explained:

Huron Valley Schools, as part of a consortium, participates in superintendent conference calls that assist in the decision making regarding adverse weather. The normal criteria used to close school due to cold weather includes:

  • Is the wind chill at the -20 to -25 range?
  • Are we under a cold weather advisory or are we under a cold weather warning?
  • Are there high winds?
  • Can the roads be safely navigated by our buses?

Are you satisfied with the way the district has handled "snow days" in White Lake and Highland?


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