Huron Valley Responds to MEAP Results

District released MEAP talking points, will target areas for improvement.

Staff will target areas where improvement is needed and implement necessary programs based on the latest MEAP results according to officials with the Huron Valley School District.

Kim Root, director of communications and community relations, sent out a series of talking points the district will use, along with the scores, to assess the latest MEAP results.

During the MEAP exam, taken during fall 2012, public school students in grades 3-9 were tested in math, reading, writing, social studies and/or science depending on the grade level.

Across Michigan, students showed improvement in reading, math and writing in 2012, with the improvement seen in all grades and most demographic groups.

However in Huron Valley, while there were relatively few changes from last year's scores — with improvement in some areas and dips in proficiency levels in others — eighth grade science scores continue to be the district's weak spot for the second year in a row.

The following are talking points released by the district:

  • District proficiency scores exceeded state results on all 18 assessments.
  • District proficiency scores exceeded or met county results in 17 out of 18 assessments with the exception of 5th grade science which had a 1 point difference.
  • District mean scale scores exceeded state results on all 18 assessments
  • As listed on MI School Data, 72 percent of district mean scale scores (13 of 18) exceeded county results.
  • As determined by the Bureau of Assessment and Accountability, 83 percent of district mean scale scores (15 of 18) assessments exceeded or met county results.
  • District mean scale scores improved in 16 of 18 assessments.

To improve scores and continue student growth, Root said the district has outlined three focus areas.

Those focus areas are:

  • Provide appropriate reading interventions for students not meeting proficiency standards.
  • Align all curriculum with Common Core Standards
  • Utilize multiple metrics to guide instructional decisions and personalize programming.

Across Michigan, students made the biggest jump on the 2012 MEAP in reading proficiency for third and eighth graders — with a 4.1 and 5.2 percent gain, respectively. Proficiency in math and writing also grew, with a 6.1 percent gain in fifth grade math.

Meanwhile, science scores dropped across the state in 2012, particularly in fifth and eighth grade.

"These gains demonstrate (that) Michigan's teachers and students are rising to the challenge of the rigorous standards established last year," said State Superintendent Mike Flanagan in a statement. "I am encouraged by the progress we are making in Michigan and look forward to the continued efforts to help all students achieve at a higher level in all subjects."

Scores across Michigan took a hit in 2011 after the state implemented a new set of cut scores — scores that define the cut-off point for the various levels of proficiency on the MEAP: advanced, proficient, partially proficient and not proficient.

While Huron Valley's proficiency scores did take a nosedive in 2011, the shock wasn't too bad. District administrators said they were anticipating a drop in scores, but were working hard on implementing ways to improve future test scores.

For a school-by-school breakdown of how each school performed on the 2012 MEAP, visit School Data: How Did Huron Valley Students Perform On the MEAP Test?


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