Huron Valley Schools Parents Give Local District a "B" Grade

Participants at education forum vote on key issues involving schools, students.

Parents, educators and a school board member were among the participants who Thursday evening on a variety of topics concerning education in the state and locally. Here is sampling of how they responded to questions posed by Amber Toth from The Center for Michigan.

What letter grade do you give the statewide public education system? (pre-school through 12)

A 0% B 22% C 78% D 0% E 0%

What letter grade do you give the local public education system? (pre-school through 12)

A 22% B 56% C 22% D 0% E 0%

Do you feel that the current Michigan public pre-K12 education system offers taxpayers a good return on their investment.

Strongly agree 22% Agree 22% Neither 22% Strongly disagree 33% Disagree 0%

Does Michigan need to spend more money to improve student success?

Yes 78% No 22%


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