In Brief: Huron Valley Schools Complete Several Summer Projects

Here's a summary of the Huron Valley Schools regular board meeting on Monday.

The approved seven consent agenda items Monday night. The board also discussed the success of the district's opening day of classes.

Superintendent Jim Baker, Treasurer Lindsay Cotter, Trustee Chuck Dittmar and President Sean Carlson agreed that opening day this year was successful. 

"I've heard from teachers who were here 20 plus years, and those who are new, that is was the best opening day ever," said Carlson. 

Among other issues:

Summer Projects

Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services Donna Welch presented on summer facility and equipment projects. The Building and Sinking Site Fund was used to fund repairs to cabinetry, ceilings, flooring, lighting and paving, she said. Some big projects were:

  • paving the Heritage Elementary bus loop 
  • installing a new air conditioning unit in the Oxbow computer lab
  • remodeling the Muir girls locker room

Welch also said that the schools made improvements to increase energy efficiency like replacing the lighting in three gymnasiums. 

Count Day Coming Up

Count Day - when the district takes an official count of all students enrolled - is Oct. 3. There are an estimated 9,754 students enrolled in district schools, according to Treasurer Lindsay Cotter.

Bogie Lake Site Testing Update

The board approved the update without discussing it. According to the meeting agenda, the ground-water monitoring process related to the Bogie Lake Site Waste Water Treatment Plant included sampling and testing the residents’ water and installing off-site monitoring wells. The sampling and testing is complete and cost $24,000. There was additional work required, which brought the total to $28,200. 

The second part of the project will cost $167,000, which will be funded from the general fund. 

Upcoming meeting

The next meeting is Sep. 24 at 7 p.m. at Milford High School.


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