Milford High School Art Students Honored by Huron Valley Hospital

Artwork from two students was selected for display at Huron Valley Hospital.

On Oct. 3, Milford High School art student Justen Hamilton, a 2012 graduate, and Lindsay Livermore, a senior, were honored for their digital photography at a reception by Huron Valley Sinai Hospital. Hamilton and Livermore were students in the Milford High School digital photography class, which was a new course added last year. Their families attended as did their art teacher, Tara Johnson. Last year Milford High School had two students' work selected for this honor from the 2010-11 school year, Caitlin Viazanko and Catrina Malysz.

The Huron Valley Sinai Hospital selects only five art selections every year from all of the school art shows in both Walled Lake Consolidated Schools and in Huron Valley. These works of art are displayed by the cafeteria throughout all of the hallways of the hospital.

(Source: Huron Valley School District)


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