Huron Valley Schools Allow Six Snow Days for School Year

Most of the schools in the district have used four snow days this year, with the exception of three schools that are at five snow days.

This year, the winter months in the White Lake-Highland area have brought icy conditions and large amounts of snow which have resulted in four snow days for Huron Valley students, according to Chellie Francis and the Pupil Accounting Department for Huron Valley Schools.

"However, Country Oaks Elementary, Johnson Elementary, and Oak Valley Middle School have all had to cancel an additional day due to power outages, and they are at five days," Francis wrote in an email to White Lake-Highland Patch.

Per the pupil accounting manual, Huron Valley Schools is given six days, according to the email, which means the schools still have one more day that could be canceled before they would consider rescheduling any more days of instruction.

In comparison, during the 2011-12 school year, there were no snow days "due to the mild winter," according to Francis.


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