Video From Mr. Milford Pageant Raises Questions About 'Harlem Shake' Suspension

Some members of the community say the school is sending mixed messages about what is appropriate.

The community is still buzzing about the Milford High School students who were suspended after they filmed a "Harlem Shake" video in the school and posted it to YouTube.

Today Fox 2 News is reporting that some people think the school has a double standard.

A second YouTube video filmed at Milford High School, which you can watch to the right, shows four male students wearing only boxers dancing at the school's Mr. Milford pageant.

Some people told Fox News that the school is sending mixed messages about what is appropriate on school grounds.

"They shouldn't have let them do it in the Mr. Milford pageant if it's a big deal," Sean Alfano told Fox News.

Others say they see the difference in the videos in the eyes of the school.

"The difference is they didn't lie to gain access to part of the building for this one. I think the penalty for the MHS kids is a little harsh, but I also think they knew they were breaking the rules and they risked it for a few minutes of YouTube fame..." said Dan Houston on White Lake-Highland's Facebook page.

Kim Root, Huron Valley Schools director of communications and community relations, said that while she thinks the content of Mr. Milford and the video are very different (as it relates to vulgarity), the administration team would be setting new parameters around what can be done at Mr. Milford. 

According to Root, several students are accepting full responsibility and recognize that both videos were vulgar in nature. Root said that the principal has received full letters of apology from those students.

"For all the parents saying this is kids being kids, this isn't typical for our Milford kids and we hold them to a very high standard and we think that that standard was violated here. 

What do you think of the two videos? Do you agree with the students' suspension? Tell us in the comments.

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