Viewfinder: Highland Middle School Staff Appreciation Dinner

Student council thanks staff of soon to be closed middle school.

The Highland Middle School Staff Appreciation Dinner sponsored by the Student Council was held Monday evening. 

The HMS Student Council, made up of 32 students, made dinner for the entire staff in appreciation for their hard work and dedication. 

The students served the dinner in the small gym complete with salad, spaghetti, chicken Parmesan and cake. Students also wrote a special tribute for each staff member which was shared on stage. 

Each staff member sat on a special chair to listen to their tribute.

Tyler Lovelace told Alex Bageris how he was a father figure to him and the difference he has made as his wrestling coach both on the mat and in the classroom. 

Makayla Brown's message to Trisha Kohler was how she has made math fun and how she motivated her to do her best each day. 


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