What's Happening in Huron Valley Schools

Use this page to share photos of Huron Valley Schools events, sports, students, athletes, teachers, coaches, artwork, accomplishments, etc. and to post information about upcoming events.

are some of the best around, and they deserve a spot to shine. This gallery is for parents, staff and students to share photos of great things happening in the White Lake-Highland school district.

Have a photo from school? Share it with Patch readers by clicking "Upload photos and videos."

We want to be the place you go to to post photos, artwork and accomplishments related to Huron Valley Schools. We want to help you stay organized, share proud moments with other readers and find out what the future holds for you and your family.

We encourage readers to use this page as you would your refrigerator. Grab a magnet or a piece of tape and stick anything you want on this page -- as long as it's appropriate for all ages:

  • When your grade school student comes home with a piece of art made entirely of macaroni -- take a picture of it and post it on this page.
  • When your high school student gets a trophy for winning, or participating in, the science fair -- take a picture and post it on this page.
  • When your middle school student puts on a suit or dress for the first time and you begin to cry because "they grow up too fast" and you "wish you could go back to when they were small enough to fit in your arms" -- take a picture and post it on this page.

If we haven't made it clear just what can and should be posted on this page, please feel free to ask questions in the comment section below this article.

We also encourage you to use the White Lake-Highland Patch Events Calendar and Announcement pages for even more exposure.

Thanks. We look forward to seeing your pics!


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